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We are best known for our premium Peruvian Pima cotton basics and we have developed multiple fabrications from this amazing crop sourced from sustainable suppliers in Peru.

We utilize varying thicknesses of Pima + Wild cotton yarns to make an assortment of styles of jersey differing in weight and hand.

Organic Pima cotton is one of the rarest and highest quality strains of cotton in the world with a much longer fiber length than other types of cotton. The surface of Pima cotton is very soft and can last longer than the average natural textile surface if properly cared for.

Our yarns are dyed using OEKO-TEX certified dyes which are considered low impact and require much less water than the traditional dyes, as well as being the safer option for humans. ⁠Our clothing is finished in a non-toxic all-natural enzyme wash.

We ask our customers to mind our washing instructions, like utilizing a gentle cool cycle or hand washing and lying flat to dry, to achieve a longer lasting life of their garment.  

Our Fabrics

Here, we breakdown the differences between our fabrics to help you better understand our clothing. 

Currently we offer four different fabrics all in GOTS certified organic cotton.

• Organic Wild Cotton + organic un-dyed Pima Cotton interlock blend (mid-weight) *New this year

• Organic Pima cotton interlock (mid-weight)

• Organic Pima cotton jersey (light-weight)

• Organic French terry Pima Cotton (heavy-weight) *Now in organic

Wild Cotton Pima Blend

Wild Cotton blended with organic un-dyed Pima cotton makes for the softest highest quality cotton clothing in the world. Wild Cotton is a very special native strain as it is colour-grown in the jungle of Peru. It has an almost velvety brushed hand and ever so slightly weightier feel than our standard Pima mid-weight.

Bergman Rivera started the Wild Cotton project in 1994 in collaboration with the Peruvian Government. This was to “promote alternative crops to replace coca leaf plantations in the rainforest.” Native Peruvian cotton is special because of its enzymatic capacity that causes it to grow in a variety of different colors, such as natural white, cream, and brown. These native strains require far less irrigation and soil maintenance and can be rotated with lucrative crops like Organic Sacha Inchi and Organic Cacao, which helps increase the income for these family run farms. Native cotton almost went extinct due to the demand for traditional white cotton, but this program has kick started the rejuvenation of wild cotton and has consistently increased the production yields year after year. Wild Cotton helps create an economy built for a safe and sustainable future for farming in Peru. 

Mid-Weight Interlock

Our mid-weight interlock is our most luxurious fabric with the softest hand. The surface feels like a cloud and you may notice that you feel like you aren't wearing anything at all.

Our mid weight interlock is truly an all-season fabric. It's heavy enough to be a base or mid layer while light and breathable enough to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Our interlock has the most stretch of all of our fabrics and particularly recommended for those with health conditions or impairments, skin sensitivities and chronic pain. 

Light-Weight Jersey

Our light-weight cotton jersey is very breathable t-shirt fabric and the lightest weight we currently offer. The texture is silky in drape with a different hand feel than our other fabrics as there is a slight sheen which makes it super luxurious and sophisticated compared to most t-shirts.

As opposed to our stretchier mid-weight interlock, our light-weight jersey has a tighter weave which provides structure and drape.

French Terry

Our French terry, also made from Pima cotton will be GOTS certified organic moving forward in 2024. It is a premium quality heavier weight fabric. Our thick and sturdy French terry is reminiscent of the quality sweats of our 90's childhood and stands the test of time.

Our French terry is super soft and can be worn all year round in every season, it's truly like wearing a hug that keeps your cozy in the colder seasons and breathing easy in the warmer months.

We make all of our sweatshirts, pants and coats in French terry. Our popular Tanksuit is also making a comeback in Spring 2024 and we love it in the terry.

French terry is our most durable fabric due to its weight and structure. The exterior side has a slightly textured hand that is resistant to wear while the inside has tiny loops that help absorb sweat, allowing your body to stay warm and breath at the same time.

For finishes we use a sturdy high quality matching 2x1 rib trim that adds further structure to cuffs and necklines. This is a fabric you may see a zippers or buttons, as the structure allows for heavier notions and more detailed styling features.