Our Brand - Ana + Zac

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The softest premium Pima cotton clothing designed in Nova Scotia and ethically made in Peru.

We share a nostalgia for the quality staple clothing from our childhood.

Our Direction

Our collections are small and made up of interchangeable pieces that seamlessly mix in with your existing wardrobe.

We think about fashion in a slow and holistic way. We acknowledge trends but we move in our own direction, at our own pace. We make things that we both love, can wear everyday and that will last a long time.

We listen to our community and build on what we learn, striving to improve on comfort, fit and the longevity of our clothing.

Our Slow Fashion Model

- sustainable practices

- conscious consumerism

- classic gender-free styling

- ethical manufacturing

- vertical integration

- transparent supply chain

- small batch

- certified organic

- premium quality

- inclusive design

- style repeats

- wear everyday

Quality Over Quantity

Adopting a cost per wear lens is a great way to get a good return on your sustainable investment. There is a limit to the amount of clothing that one person needs. Building a sustainable wardrobe is premised on this idea.

We design intentionally to create clothing that is premium quality, long-lasting, and also looks and feels great on the body. ⁠Investing in quality clothing that stands the test of time is one of the best ways to lighten your footprint.

Triple Bottom Line

Our business is not just built off of profits and growth. We measure success in other ways as well. It’s important to us that we leave the smallest footprint and uplift others along the way.

We are continuously developing our sustainable practices. Staying educated and adapting with a focused approach will help us keep up with our rapidly changing world.

The Softness of Pima

Looking for clothing that feels like a big soft hug?

Pima cotton is one of the highest quality textiles in the world, and it is also one the softest. The fibres of Pima cotton are extra long in length creating a thinner, stronger and smoother yarn. When the fibres are woven together they create a silky material that is extra durable and super soft.

Clothing made of Pima cotton is the best option for babies, pre-natal and postpartum and those experiencing skin sensitivities, allergies and chronic pain as it feels so soft and gentle against the skin.

As you wear and wash your Pima cotton clothing you will notice it even gets softer as it ages, never pilling or scratching. Once you get to know Pima cotton you will never go back.