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Our Construction & Finishes

Quality in Details

Just like the premium quality of our fabrics, we pay special attention to the construction and finishes of our clothing. We work with our small team in Peru ensuring the finest sewing and workmanship. Having a slow approach to production allows us to take these extra steps leaving us with a long-lasting and beautiful garment.

Throughout the entire design development we wear our samples to ensure all details are not overlooked. We wash and dry our sampling over and over again to ensure we are making a quality final product that can withstand wear and the test of time.

There are many factors we take into account like consistently cutting on the right grain to drafting in generous seam allowances. We pay close attention to utilizing different stitch details like our tooth stitch finish which helps the fabric hems lay flat and don’t buckle and pull when washed. When we sew our stripes we ensure that they match up at the seams every single time.

A close up image of white organic Pima cotton that features a tooth stitch hem

 Some of the finishes we focus on not only make our clothing more sturdy they also make our pieces more comfortable and easy to wear. For example, we add neck tape for extra durability and for softness at the back neck. 

Depending on the garment design we will add contrasting fabric as well, like on our fly fronts and collar plackets. Rather than using self fabric that tends to stretch out, we add 1X1 or 2X1 rib trims to all of our neck and cuff finishes that makes for a perfect fit every time even after multiple wears and washes. You will always look put together as long as you care for your A + Z pieces properly.

A close up of the Ana + Zac 90s crew that shows that ribbing details around the neck
A close up image of Ana and Zac's Tokyo Coat in Deep sea that shows the stitching details and an image of the waffle pants

We always add the best quality and softest cotton cording for all of our ties. The cotton ties we have have developed are tightly woven so they do not pick or unravel. Our tie hole openings are finished with a reinforced button hole with tightly back stitched thread so that the hole doesn't stretch out or break.

A close up image of the Tennis shorts in the colour grape that shows the details of the waist drawstring

We often reinforce our seams with cover stitching or top stitching which helps strengthen the construction. We add a lightweight clear elastic mobilon tape to all of our underwear seams to ensure a comfortable stretch and we always make sure that our stitch tensions are correct on all styles so the stitching never breaks when over extended.

A close up of the Tanksuit in the colour grass that shows the details stitching

We sew soft fabric loops into our products for our hang tags to loop though. This helps to cut down on unnecessary waste like using plastic fasteners or safety pins. On our coats we add a durable loop on the inside of the collar seam so you can hang your garment without ever hurting the integrity of the back of the collar. 

A side by side image of a t-shirt in deep sea stripe and the Tokyo Coat in Deep sea hanging on a hook

We are generous in our sizing, never scrimping on fabric, for example, allowing for deeper pockets and giving extra length to the sleeve and body on certain styles to allow room for different body types. 

In production we aim to reduce the amount of waste produced. For example, the patterns for the markers for cutting are developed by computer so there is little waste created. Our technicians take extra time and care when cutting to ensure that the side seams are correct and all fabric pieces don't shift when cutting resulting in garments that fall beautifully because they are cut on the correct grains. This results in a higher quality garment as well as reduction in waste.  

It's little details like these that add up to creating a high quality garment that will last a long time.

A photo of a women wearing the Tokyo Coat in Deep pea and the Sailor Pant in Deep Sea Stripe standing in front of a white house with the ocean in the background
All photos by Anna Gilkerson

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