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Krysia + Mimi | i.d.ah studio

Meet Mireille Metwalli and Krysia Gorgolewska, both dynamic interior designers that have recently launched their design firm i.d.ah. studio located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We sat down with them after shooting our SS23 collection in their North End studio and chatted sustainable design, comfort and style.

Mimi and Krysia working together on a table going through different elements of design in their studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia


How did you two come with the idea for i.d.ah design studio? 

KG: Mireille and I first met in Toronto, and became colleagues at a previous design studio. We respected each other's dedication to the craft, and had fun working together. Six years later, we reconnected after both moving to Halifax and our friendship evolved. In reflecting on long term goals for our careers and lives, we felt we really aligned on a vision to build a progressive business and studio that designs for the human experience.

Mimi and Krysia working together on a table going through different elements of design in their studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia


What would be your typical work fashion uniform?

KG: My wardrobe in general focuses on timeless pieces that are comfortable and can go from work wear to casual wear. What I wear to work each day generally reflects who I am seeing and what I am doing that day – and each day is different. 

MM: A couple of years ago I turned to colour in ways I hadn’t previously explored, and I began to mix some of my more classic pieces with tones that make me happy and add a touch of fun to my outfits. My fashion evolves every few years and what I’ve always believed is that being comfortable and confident matters most. Even in my coziest clothes, I feel good about myself.  

A side by side image that features a close up of interior design elements and an image of Mimi and Krysia discussing the elements


How would you define comfort? 

KG: To me, comfort is knowing that whatever I am wearing each day, will support me in achieving what I want to achieve without worrying about my clothing. It is also knowing that the clothes you have are long lasting, good quality and the brands are focusing on making the industry a better place, than worsening the environment. 

MM: Comfort to me is a blend of a few things: good quality materials, meets well fitted pieces that in turn make me feel good. When I’m comfortable, I’m confident. I generally run cold so feeling warm is comfort to me - a cup of tea, a cozy sweater, and good quality socks. 

A close up image of a layout plan

How do you tie sustainability into your business practices? 

KG/MM:The construction industry can be one of the worst for this with so much waste redirected into landfill. We’re always looking to align our business practices with companies that are committed to making the design and construction industry better. We source from lines that have developed carbon neutral or positive products and include material, and finish selections that are designed and fabricated with the use of recycled content. We have a few current projects that have been designed with innovative products that directly reduce the impact of waste on construction sites day one and significantly improves future waste when the client is ready to go through the process again.

Mimi and Krysia in their studio, i.d.ah in Halifax, Nova Scotia

 All photos by Anna Gilkerson


For more information about i.d.ah design studio, please visit their website.