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Soil Health | Regenerative, Organic + Wild Cotton Farming

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Everyone is talking about soil health. From growing produce to growing cotton for clothing, it’s imperative that soil health is considered in this process. At Ana + Zac our clothing literally comes from the soil. It's interesting to think about it that way. 

Soil is a limited resource that requires regeneration and conservation. The overuse of tilling and harsh fertilizers and chemicals used in conventional farming has taken its toll on soil health worldwide.

Healthy soil is the first step for farm productivity and sustainability. Commonly neglected in farming, poor soil management results in low yields, soil depletion, surface runoff, wind erosion and land degradation drastically affecting local communities and the earth on a global scale.

As climate change causes worsening droughts and disturbed rainfall patterns all over the world, healthy soil is the farmer’s main asset for climate resilience.

As consumers we have the ability to make a change. By investing in (certified) regenerative, organic and wild cotton clothing over conventional cotton clothing we are supporting soil health, which supports sustainable farming, which leads to a brighter future for farmers (and a healthy earth).

Select photos courtesy of Bergman Rivera

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