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Niyi + Deb | Zero Resistance Art Collective


Meet Niyi and Deb! These two are real-life partners who are currently making waves in the art and marketing world with the brand they help run, Zero Resistance Art Collective. We spoke about reflections on past projects, their upcoming projects, and what inspires them to through it all. 

Photo of Deb and Niyi standing side by side wearing our French Terry collection in Grape and Deep Sea

Photo by Anna Gilkerson


How did you two meet?  

We got to know of each other through some mutual friends during the pandemic, but we started chatting on Instagram. 

Tell us a little bit about a current project(s) you are working on...

D: I am currently working on a clothing brand called Suuru (Yoruba word for patience, inspired by my general vibe in life and desire for ease)- we are launching unique Adire (tie-dye) pieces this summer. 

N: I am currently working on a few things, but one thing I am most excited about is launching an art-infused product shop called Shop POSTR. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we are creating a place where artists and art enthusiasts can come together to appreciate and purchase beautiful, unique, and affordable art prints, canvas, wallpapers, puzzles etc. 

Can you tell us about one of your most memorable projects that you have worked on together? 

D: One of the most memorable projects we have worked on together would probably be the photoshoot for Come As You Are (CAYA) by Zero Resistance. 

N: Yeah, CAYA was the first project we worked on together, it was a fun and memorable experience having to direct and collaborate with her as a model during the shoots. I enjoyed every bit of it. 


Two images of Niyi and Deb wearing our French Terry collection in Grape and Deep Sea

Photos by Anna Gilkerson 


What are you wearing right now, and why did you choose it? 

D: I am currently wearing a jumpsuit with a blazer, I tend to lean towards comfortable clothing as a base and then add in a piece that helps it look professional. 

N: I work from home most of the time so I often go for a comfortable and simple look. 

Tell us about someone in your life that has inspired you

D: Both my parents are usually a huge source of inspiration for me, especially my dad-seeing all the hard work and effort he put in when we were younger to ensure we had all we needed. He has inspired me to know that I can have most of all I want in life. 

N: I have a lot of people that inspire me, to pick one is a tough task for me tbh but for the sake of this interview I will say my younger brothers. I often think about the role that I play in their lives. I have seen time and time how the decisions, the choices and the things that I do influences them. So I think about how I can continue to inspire them, encourage them to chase their dreams which then inspires me to do the things that I love and I am excited about.

For more information about Zero Resistance Art Collective visit their website or their Instagram @zeroresistancebrand. 

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