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Enjoy 25% off all French terry clothing ends Monday at midnight use code MEMORIALDAY25 at check out



About Our Fabrics + Care

Our Fabrics


We are known for our Pima cotton basics, but did you know we have developed multiple fabrications? We utilize varying thicknesses of Pima cotton yarns to make an assortment of styles of jersey differing in stretch, weight and hand. In this post we outline the differences between our currently available fabrics to help you better understand our clothing. 

Currently we offer four different fabrics:

- Organic Pima cotton jersey (light weight)

- Organic Pima cotton interlock (mid weight)

- French terry Pima Cotton (heavy weight)

- Organic Pima cotton 91/9 stretch blend (mid to heavy weight)


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Photo by Anna Gilkerson



Our G.O.T.S certified organic Pima cotton jersey is a popular summer fabric. This fabric is best for the warmer months as it is lightweight, breathable and silky in drape. It has different surface and texture than our other fabrics and there is a slight sheen which makes it super luxurious compared to most t-shirts on the market. 

As opposed to our stretchy mid-weight interlock this fabric has a tighter weave but it is just as breathable. This tighter weave allows for a little less stretch in the fabric. We pair this jersey with a 1x1 rib trim similar to our interlock. 


 Photos by Anna Gilkerson 


Our mid-weight interlock made of 100% G.O.T.S certified organic Pima cotton. This is our most luxurious fabric with the softest hand. The surface feels like a cloud and you may notice that you feel like you aren't wearing anything at all. This fabric is particularly recommended for those with skin sensitivities and chronic pain. Our mid weight interlock works for all seasons as it is a little heavier than our lightweight jersey but it is also lightweight enough and very breathable to keep you cool all summer long. Our interlock is the stretchiest of all of our fabrics while still providing support to those looking for more coverage.


Photos by Anna Gilkerson


Our French terry Pima cotton is made of 100% premium quality Pima cotton and is a heavier weight fabric that will never pick or pill. This is a fabric that is reminiscent of the quality clothing of our childhood. Remember the heavy cotton terry that is almost impossible to find these days? This is it. We use a sturdy high quality matching 2x1 rib trim that adds structure to cuffs and necklines while keeping in line with the retro styling. Our French terry is so soft and can be worn all year round, it's truly like wearing a hug. Our elevated sweats will last you several years and will easily be your favourite cozy pieces in your wardrobe.


Photos by Anna Gilkerson



Finally, our jersey spandex 91/9 blend is the fabric that we currently use for our underwear, jumpsuits and bottoms to give them the perfect amount of stretch for all-day comfort. It is made up of 91% G.O.T.S certified organic Pima cotton and 9% spandex. We recognize that this fabric is not 100% biodegradable because of the spandex. However, in order for clothing like underwear to retain their shape all day the spandex provides that constant stretch and support. This is the best quality cotton spandex blend on the market. It is slightly compressive while remaining super soft and breathable on your skin, plus our underwear will last you years so you don't have to keep buying more, just when we release a new colour or two ;)


 Photos by Anna Gilkerson



We also want to mention that we do not use harmful chemicals to treat our fabrics and we use low impact dyes.In order to provide the best care for these fabrics, we suggest that hand washing and laying flat to dry helps further extend the life of your clothing. However, if you have to wash in a washing machine we recommend that you turn your garment inside out prior to washing, wash on cold and lay flat or hang dry. After laundering or after wearing your clothes, it is best to fold each item carefully to help maintain their shape and keep wrinkles at bay. It is also best to avoid over washing your clothes and if you store them properly you won't need to wash them as often.

By air drying your clothing, especially items that do have synthetic fibres like our 91/9 blend, you can prevent your clothing from breaking down as quickly and releasing micro plastics into our earth and water ways.

As you wear and wash your Pima cotton clothing you will notice it even gets softer as it ages, never pilling or scratching. Once you get to know Pima cotton you will never go back. 


Photo by Anna Gilkerson

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