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Our Impact | We're Cutting Out Plastic

Our Clothing Grows With Us

As much as we all love our 91/9 underwear we always knew we would have to let it go.  If we want to reach our long term goal to be fully organic by 2024 we must remove plastics in our clothing and because of that our 91/9 Pima blend will not be restocked moving forward.

We will no longer use spandex or plastic mobilon tape (sewn in the seams) in any of our garments. We will continue to use rubber cotton elastic in our waistbands. The details count and we are committed to working within the set parameters of our sustainability goals.

Let's be honest, plastics just aren't good for the earth or our bodies.

Textiles account for approximately 9% of annual microplastic losses to the oceans and by sourcing and utilizing natural plant based fibres we are decreasing the amount of microplastic pollution that makes its way into the water. ⁠

Eventually a garment will reach the end of its life and the speed that it biodegrades back into the earth is imperative.

We know our Tanksuit and briefs in particular have been a staple for many of you. We do not want to disappoint so there will be iterations in the future.

We have real plans for our brand and we want to give ourselves enough time to do it right. Onward and upward. 💚

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