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A + Z Essential Packing Tips

Our Top Packing Tips  

These days packing light for your trip is key especially for plane travel (carry-on is the best!). Sometimes, it can be a little stressful to pack light and make sure you have enough items to get you through your trip. We put together our top tips for traveling light this summer. 


Photo of our different collections of Ana + Zac clothing on a bed being packed for a trip.

Photo by Anna Gilkerson 


~ First off, start early. The process of elimination is key. 

~ We swear by packing cubes. They allow you to keep your garments tightly pressed so you can get way more into your suitcase. Plus, keeping your clothing folded and organized will keep you feeling fresh for the duration of your trip.

~ Take pieces you know that you love and are comfortable in (especially for jeans and bulkier items, you want to know that you will re-wear them multiple times).

~ Matching sets are a great option to elevate your loungewear ⁠look and help you look polished and put together. Don’t have full tonal sets? Make sure you can mix all your pieces together for endless combos for those longer trips. 

~ A jumpsuit (or our Tanksuit) is a great option for a multi-wear piece that is both comfortable and ⁠versatile. This is an item you can dress up or down.⁠

~ Breathable layers ⁠are especially important if you are traveling to destinations with variable climates. 

~ A few quality tees and tanks that can be worn with different outfits is essential.


Packing and getting ready for a trip by organizing different piles of Ana + Zac clothing on a bed with Jade mala beads Photo by Anna Gilkerson 

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